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Elizabeth's Favorite Links
Below are some of Elizabeth's (And Dad's) favorite links...

Baby Care
  • 1800 Diapers
    This is Elizabeth's preferred diaper supplier. They have much better prices than the grocery store or big box stores like Target. Plus they deliver the diapers right to your door with free shipping. Use referral code THDA5217 to get $2 off your first order.

Virginia Tech
  • VT Spirit Memorial Fund
    This link will take you to the website setup by Virginia Tech to raise money to assist those affected by the horrendous tragedy that took place at Virginia Tech on 4/16/07.
  • Tech Sideline
    The best source for up to date information on all things Virginia Tech
  • Hokiesports.com
    The official Virginia Tech sports website
  • Tailgatefever.com
    An unofficial Virginia Tech site that offers straight forward and humorous analysis of Virginia Tech Football

Outdoor Recreation
  • Trek Bicycles
    Trek bicycles - Dad enjoys riding their bicycles on the weekends - When Elizabeth gets a little older she can come with him
  • The Bob Revolution
    One of Elizabeth's favorite rides... the Bob Revolution - Mom and Dad highly recommend it
  • American Tailgater
    A site devoted to products that enhance the family's fall "outdoor recreation" activities in Blacksburg
  • REI
    Great for all your outdoor recreation needs

Fashion and Clothing
  • Tiffany & Co
    This will probably be (whether she knows it now or not) one of her favorite places to shop due to her mother's teachings
  • Nordstrom
    Also - another favorite place to shop (due to her mother) :-)
  • The Loft
    Elizabeth has already made a few trips here... so I'm going to have to restrict her credit card usage...

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