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5/13/08 - Elizabeth recently celebrated her 2nd birthday, her Mom and I wondered where the past two years have gone.  Elizabeth has taught us so many things over the past two years and has been a constant source of enjoyment.  We are extremely excited about welcoming little brother to the family next month.  Make sure to check back in about 5 weeks to see pictures of the newly expanded family.  In the meantime, two albums have been added for your viewing pleasure "2 Years Old" and "Beach Bash '08".  Enjoy.

4/8/08 - Elizabeth is 23 months old and recently celebrated her 2nd Easter.  Click on the tab "23 Months Old" for pictures from her latest adventures and check back in a month for pictures from her upcoming 2nd birthday party!

2/18/08 - Elizabeth turns 22 months old in a five days.  She recently moved into her "big girl" room to make room for her little brother who is due to arrive in June.  This update is a various assortment of pictures.  Happy President's Day!


1/3/08 - Elizabeth turned 20 months old and has been busy exploring and learning.  A new album has been added called "20 Months Old".  In addition, I've updated the "Growing up Album".  We ran out of space on that page so we are showing pictures of her progress in 3 month increments.  We hope everyone had a great Christmas and New Year's. 


11/18/07 - Elizabeth turned 18 months old (almost 19) at the time of this update.  She is anxiously awaiting her 2nd Thanksgiving and Christmas.  Check back in a few weeks for some Thanksgiving and Christmas pictures.  Happy Thanksgiving from the Davis family. 

9/27/07 - Elizabeth turned 17 months old this past Sunday (9/23/07).  She has been very active over the past two months.  She started walking and has gotten a little more vocal.  She continues to provide a lot of comedy for her mother and I.  A new album has been added for your viewing pleasure. 

7/26/07 - Hi everyone.  The website has been updated with pictures for the last month.  Elizabeth is now 15 months old.  She took her first steps a few weeks ago. 


6/27/07 - The website has been updated with pictures form the last month.  Elizabeth turned 14 months old on June 23rd.  Happy 4th of July to everyone. 


6/4/07 - Elizabeth is now 13 months old.  She is trying to start to walk.  Elizabeth really enjoyed playing in the sand during her last two beach trips.  Included in this update are a few pictures from her beach adventures. 


5/9/07 - The big news for this update is that Elizabeth turned 1 on 4/23/07.  It was quite a milestone for her Mother and I.  In celebration of the event two albums have been added.  The first one is "Easter", which was the weekend before her birthday.  The second album, "1 Year Old", contains pictures from the birthday celebration.  Also as you might have noticed, the design of the website has been freshened.  Enjoy.

A new link has been added for the Virginia Tech Spirit Memorial Fund.  If you feel inclined, please visit the link and consider donating to the fund.  The fund was setup to help assist those who were affected by the horrendous tragedy that took place in Blacksburg on 4/16/07. 


4/5/04 - An 11 Months Old album has been added and the main page was reorganized to freshen the site.  A new album, "Growing Up", has been added that contains all of pictures that have appeared on the main page charting Elizabeth's growth.  Happy Easter!


3/15/07 - The official 10 Months Old photo album has been added (although more than a week later than promised).  Enjoy!


2/21/07 - This update consists of one new photo album.  We took some good pictures and wanted to post them.  Make sure and check back next week for the official 10 Months Old update. 


2/5/07 - A new photo album called "9 Months Old" has been added to the website.  Elizabeth's lastest accomplishments include scooting, crawling, and quite a bit of babbling. 


1/4/07 - Hi everyone and welcome back to Elizabeth's website.  We hope everyone had a great Christmas.  This update consists of two new albums.  The first album is entitiled "8 Months Old" and includes pictures taken up until Christmas eve.  A second album, called "Christmas", includes pictures from Elizabeth's first Christmas.  Enjoy. 


12/4/06 - The most recent update is a new photo album entitled "7 Months Old".  Elizabeth continues to grow every day and provide lots of enjoyment for her Mom and Dad. 


11/6/06 - A new photo album has been added called "6 Months Old" which includes Halloween pictures.  Also be sure to scroll down the main page to see Elizabeth's progress vs. her Boppy.  The links page has been updated to include some new websites endorsed by Elizabeth.  Happy Viewing


10/16/06 - This update is a big one!  Two new photo albums have been added.  The first album is from Elizabeth's Baptism and is located under the tab "Baptism".  The second album includes a variety of pictures taken since the last update.  Enjoy - Webmaster (a.k.a. Dad)


8/3/06 - New pictures have been added to the site under the "3 Months Old" Tab.  Various pictures of Elizabeth are included.  Look how much she has grown! 


7/13/06 - A new photo album has been added from Elizabeth's 1st July 4th celebration and her trip to the beach.  The album is called "July 4th Beach Trip"





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